Saturday August 28, 2004

By Nigel Sadler and Jackie Mulligan 8.30am: Dr Donald Keith and Dr Toni L. Carrell arrive at the National Museum to complete check of stock. Shortly afterwards Nigel Sadler and Jackie Mulligan arrive. 9.30am: Don receives a call from Jean-Francois Chabot, captain of the Turks and Caicos Explorer that he Read more ›

Friday August 27, 2004

Invitees learn about the expedition in the last milestone before the T&C Explorer leaves Grand Turk. By Nigel Sadler and Jackie Mulligan 9am: Today was the official launch of the search for Trouvadore – an important milestone in the project. All but Randy Davis had arrived in TCI and were happily adorned in Read more ›

news test 2 – calendar

2012 Calendar Preview The 2012 Photo Contest Calendar is now available! It features fantastic photos by Matthew Lawrence, Rodrigo del Río Lozano, Jessica Hughes, Eugenio Acevez Nuñez, Jayne Godfrey, Pedro López Garrido, Lynn Harris, Katherine Worthington, and Steven Resler.   Click on the images below to preview  selected images.  Read more ›

news test 1 – titanic

Titanic 100th Anniversary The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic on April 15, 2012, is being remembered worldwide. This anniversary has also highlighted the need for long term protection of this important site. Numerous events are planned and important legislative initiatives and international efforts are currently working toward protecting the site’s Read more ›


Google Voyager ExpeditionThe Ocean Agency has created a Google Voyager expedition about WWII in the Pacific and features our work in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands.  We are very excited to be included in this great project. Peleliu SkectchFab ModelsOur work in Peleliu is revealing the impacts of WWII blasting for the amphibious landing Read more ›

Pine Cay Pioneers . . November 7 2009

By Donald H Keith Yesterday marked the end of our two weeks of field work on Ft. George Cay. It was a little sad to backfill the test excavations, take down our base camp, and shuttle everything back to Pine Cay. We didn’t accomplish as much as I hoped, but there’s nothing new about Read more ›

The 7th Gun . . November 3 2009

By Neal Hitch We found a cannon today. Off of the north shore of Fort George there are cannons in the water. They are a snorkeling attraction. Thomas Brown wrote that he outfitted the battery at Ft. George with 16 cannons in the 1790s. In 1967, the British Directorate of Overseas Survey Read more ›

What Have I Gotten Myself Into? . . October 30 2009

By Elizabeth Stone Day 1 Today we went out to the Cay and met our fellow adventurists...a really fascinating bunch from all over...3 Phd's, a professional underwater photographer, a doctor, a couple of year-rounders, and, of course, us. Armed with machetes, metal detectors, saws and the's focus was on clearing brush around the Read more ›

Andrea to the Rescue . . October 25 2009

By Robert Krieble, Ships of Discovery As a kid I remember a dinner time conversation between my Father and Grandfather discussing the cannons off Fort George.  I couldn't believe that "real cannons" could be right there in the water across from Pine Cay and nobody had gone and taken them away.  Since then I Read more ›

Artifacts Everywhere . . October 24 2009

By Neal V. Hitch, Museum Director This was our second day on Ft George Cay. One thing is clear. There are a lot more artifacts than we thought there were. The hurricanes of last September wreaked havoc and accelerated the erosion on known foundations. We have found several ceramic artifacts in the Read more ›

In The Beginning . . October 22 2009

By Donald H. Keith, Project Director The first time I heard about Ft. George was almost exactly 18 years ago in October 1981.  There was a local uproar about how a fly-by-night treasure hunting outfit called (believe it or not!) “Nomad Treasure Seekers” suddenly appeared off Ft. George Cay and started trying to raise Read more ›

Meet the Expedition Team

Ships of Discovery Dr Donald H. Keith - Trustee of the Turks and Caicos National Museum and lead archaeologist with Ships of Discovery. Donald Keith is the Principal Investigator of the 2009 Fort St George Archaeological Expedition. Dr Keith is well known in the islands having recently directed the Search for the Slave Read more ›

Fort St George Project to Get Underway

Ships of Discovery and the Turks & Caicos National Museum are teaming up to delve into one of the most interesting, but little known, stories in the islands. Tiny Fort St George Cay receives nearly 20,000 visitors a year, yet very little is known about the soldiers and civilians who manned the fort in the Read more ›