Are you interested in Columbus’ voyages and his lost ships? How about the first European explorers in the Americas and their tales of survival? Are you curious about the legacy of a forgotten slave ship? Or are WWII planes and tanks, now underwater in a tropical lagoon, your thing?

Do you know how bronze cannons were made or how sugar can be used to preserve ancient wooden artifacts? Would you like to investigate rock inscriptions left by sailors and travelers in the Turks & Caicos Islands?

For more than three decades Ships of Discovery researchers have been exploring humanity’s maritime past underwater and on land. From the Orient to the Caribbean, from the earliest European shipwreck found in the New World to US Naval ships wrecked in the 1800s, to World War II planes and tanks in the Pacific. Explore our website and share in our field work and our discoveries. Visit us on Facebook @shipsofdiscovery to keep up with our latest projects or checkout our YouTube channel.


Google Voyager Expedition
The Ocean Agency has created a Google Voyager expedition about WWII in the Pacific and features our work in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands.  We are very excited to be included in this great project.

Peleliu SkectchFab Models
Our work in Peleliu is revealing the impacts of WWII blasting for the amphibious landing and a couple of the remaining WWII vehicles. Check out the new 3D models. We partnered with coral reef biologists at the University of Hawai’i Hilo to map the effects of WWII on the coral reef and the preliminary results are incredible! You can see with your naked eye where those blasts and channels were created. Next phase is a detailed look at those changes.

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