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Saturday August 28, 2004

By Nigel Sadler and Jackie Mulligan 8.30am: Dr Donald Keith and Dr Toni L. Carrell arrive at the National Museum to complete check of stock. Shortly afterwards Nigel Sadler and Jackie Mulligan arrive. 9.30am: Don receives a call from Jean-Francois Chabot, captain of the Turks and Caicos Explorer that he  Read more ›

Friday August 27, 2004

Invitees learn about the expedition in the last milestone before the T&C Explorer leaves Grand Turk. By Nigel Sadler and Jackie Mulligan 9am: Today was the official launch of the search for Trouvadore – an important milestone in the project. All but Randy Davis had arrived in TCI and were happily adorned in  Read more ›

Digging for the Past to Preserve the Future . . November 2 2009

By Will Allen, Volunteer As a professional photographer I often travel to remote destinations photographing or filming whatever I can, usually sharks or some sort of underwater life. Just before I head out on a new expedition I get comments from friends back in Montreal along the  lines of … "Poor you, working in  Read more ›

What Have I Gotten Myself Into? . . October 30 2009

By Elizabeth Stone Day 1 Today we went out to the Cay and met our fellow adventurists...a really fascinating bunch from all over...3 Phd's, a professional underwater photographer, a doctor, a couple of year-rounders, and, of course, us. Armed with machetes, metal detectors, saws and the's focus was on clearing brush around the  Read more ›